While public education continues in a downward spiral teaching to tests resulting in burnt out teachers and zoned out kids, there are some very radical and exciting programs popping up in some unlikely places. Below are three trailers for upcoming films that document alternatives in education in action. All three programs share one thing in common, a “back to nature” approach.  The leading edge of education may not be in front of computer screen, but rather in front of a campfire in the forest and among groups of compassionate, inquisitive students and teachers.

Enjoy these trailers and let us know what you think.  Where do you think education is headed?  Where SHOULD it be headed?

The Films:

August to June  is an 88 minute documentary celebrating values we are on the brink of losing in the single-minded pursuit of higher test scores! Come inside a public school happily and purposefully going against current trends and join twenty-six 8-10 year olds, their teacher, and their parents for a year bursting with opportunities for curiosity, creativity and compassion.


School’s Out: Lessons from a Forest Kindergarten: This is a trailer for a documentary that is scheduled to be released Summer 2012.  It follows the average day of the students of a forest kindergarten in Switzerland. These children, ages 4-7, spend EVERY day outside.


Play Again: What happens when we remove an entire generation of children from the wonders of nature and replace it with television, video games, and text messaging?  Play Again asks this question and goes a step further by taking a group of students awayfrom the wonders, lessons and challenges of nature and replace those with the sedentary, uni-dimensional world of video games, television and text messaging.



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