Teaching at the Head Start Health Institute is a joy for me.  I love connecting and contributing to the participants and other educators. I’m engaged by the information shared by the other presenters and speakers.  And I’m inspired by the Head Start organization and mission. Their work in providing quality early childhood care and education not only supports the children and families it serves, it lays a foundation for a healthy future for our country.

According to the latest research by Dr. Shonkoff, Director, Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University, “our early experiences literally shape our learning capacities as well as our future mental and physical health.”  He explains that the physical, cognitive and social-emotional components of healthy development are inseparable and that every adult-child interaction matters for young children.  Check out his Brain Builder video,  http://www.investinus.org/brain-builders‚ and see why he is an advocate for greater investment in early childhood programs that engage, support and build the skills of parents, teachers and children.

I’m proud that my work and the Move with Me yoga story video classes and social-emotional educational materials are contributing to Head Start programs and curriculum.  I love that our DVDs enable any teacher or parent to affordably provide their youngsters with “specialist quality” movement instruction, vigorous exercise and a tool-kit for self-regulation tools every day.

Below is a video created by InvestInUs.org.  It is based on the research of Dr. Shonkoff.

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