Free yoga in schools

Yoga in schools is proving to be an effective way to increase emotional intelligence, cultivate a cooperative classroom and build community.   By teaching students simple exercises to cope with stress and develop mindfulness, they acquire tools for a lifetime of healthy self-regulation and well-being.   Parents and teachers attest to  the profound and positive impact on their children’s focus, fitness, behavior and academics.
In service of healthier kids and classrooms,  Shanti Generation and Move with Me Action Adventures have teamed up to  deliver  yoga resources to more schools.  We are sending teachers free yoga DVDs designed specifically  for classrooms. When you purchase a DVD from us, we gift a DVD to a classroom.

Please help us send DVDs to the hundreds of teachers who have already requested FREE DVDs by enjoying our award-winning resources with your kids and supporting a teacher in introducing the benefits of yoga to her students.  You will enrich so many lives!

To be added to the teachers list, register here:

To send a free DVD to a specific teacher, specify them by name, email, phone and address in the comment box at the end of the checkout process. As soon as we process your order, a free DVD will be mailed to your designated classroom.
Otherwise, as orders come in through our B1G1 page, we send to those on our list in a first come first serve basis. So please, help us spread the word about this program so all of the teachers who want to support the social and emotional development of their students can receive this free resource.
If you have any questions or would like more information, you can post on our facebook pages or send an email to:


Testimonial from  Mike  Russo,  Director of the Davis Monthan Air Force Base Child Dev Center:

“The Move with Me DVDs are so much more than kids exercise DVDs.   They are a terrific enhancement to our curriculum  by truly supporting all developmental tasks and standards in an engaging, experiential, integrated way. We use them for PE and motor skills, early literacy and creative thinking, direction following and concentration as well as social-emotional learning and impulse control. Teachers are all using the “Adventure Skills” because they give kids behaviors/activities that they can use to pause and support themselves. Now, kids are not just controlling their impulses, they are learning how to redirect their thoughts and choices in a positive way, which really shifts and empowers them.”

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