Join Move With Me Action Adventures co-founder, Leah Kalish, MA, Monday, January 30-February 2 as she leads workshops for both parents and educators at this year’s California Head Start Association’s Annual Conference. She will be sharing her years of professional experience to help care-givers integrate more play, movement and yoga in their childrens’ daily lives to enhance their physical, cognitive and social-emotional development.  Come join her at the “Expand Your Play/Movement Vocabulary -Enhance Bonding, Behavior, Fitness and Learning” workshops.  Discover the science behind the importance of movement and play within a child’s overall development and the benefits of integrating more of both into the daily routine at home and at school.

During this hands-on session, participants experience first-hand the changes in their body/mind system before and after both playful and intentional movement activities. They then learn simple games, yoga poses, creative movements and Brain Gym® based techniques that can be easily integrated into the day’s scheduled tasks and transitions. With this new movement vocabulary, they explore how to transform their favorite storybooks into movement stories that they can lead on their own. Participants will leave with increased energy, new clarity and a positive perspective about how to creatively use movement to support children in being fit, happy and successful learners.

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