Introductory & Certification Trainings

Building Resiliency in Early Childhood with Movement & Mindfulness

Learn how to use the resources & activities from the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum to:

  • Implement slow intentional movement & joyful creative play to improve cognition, social emotional intelligence, and resilience
  • Support parents, teachers, and therapeutic professionals in nurturing children’s well-being & self- regulation
  • Integrate Brain Gym® adapted self-care tools into progressive activities that fulfill common core and early learning standards
  • Effectively help children grow physically fit, emotionally stable, & learning able

Basic Intro: Thursday Sept 27 – 6:30-8pm
Early bird price $20 | $30 after Sept 20
Registration for Intro Workshops: More info/Get tickets[email protected] / 301-523-3477

The basic introduction offers practitioners, parents, and teachers who work with young children (ages 2 – 8), a glimpse into valuable and easy-to-integrate movement and mindfulness tools that build self-awareness, impulse control, and social emotional intelligence. You will learn how to use 4 Brain Gym® based self-care techniques as well as slow intentional movement combined with stories, creative play, yoga, and music to improve self-regulation, cognition, and resilience.  Additionally, we will show you how to effectively present the benefits of these movement and mindfulness skills to any audience.

In-Depth Intro: Sunday Sept 30 – 10am–3pm
Early bird price $60 | $100 after Sept 20
Registration for Intro Workshops: More info/Get tickets – [email protected] / 301-523-3477

In the In-Depth Introduction, participants will learn 6 Brain Gym(R) based mindfulness tools 3 Brain Games that physically introduce children and their teachers to how the brain, the body, and the emotions are all connected, each able to effect or change the other. Participants will also practice what it means to “mirror” a child’s emotions versus “managing” them and the value of recognizing what a powerful barometer a child can be; reflecting with uncanny accuracy the state of mind of their caretaker, parent or teacher. Children often clearly show us the vital necessity of doing our own self-regulation work.

Full 2 day Certification Course:
Saturday & Sunday Oct 27 & 28 – 9:00am -6:00pm
$650 (includes 30-week curriculum in hard copy and download!)

Curriculum includes:
9 Video Classes + 16 Health & Self-Regulation Cards + 1 poster
+ 3 CDs of music + 30 weekly lessons w/200 + activities

In the 2-day certification, you will learn how to utilize all 16 of the Brain Gym® and yoga based self-regulation flash card techniques, along with the many standards-based lessons, games, and activities in the 30-week Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum. Become more effective in building resilience, reducing stress, and increasing mindfulness in yourself and your students.

Questions:  [email protected] / 260-550-1644

Certificate of Attendance (16 hours)

Certification as Trainer upon application and completion of 8 hrs additional homework (24 hours)

Hours (16) can be applied to YA 95hr CYTC through Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Collaborative

Hours/Credits (12) can be applied toward Brain Gym® re-licensure

Syllabus/Outline available to submit for other CEUs & professional development credits

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