Set Sail – for Making Choices & Understanding Consequences


1 Play-Along Movement Story DVD
25-30 minutes includes:

  • Warm-up
  • Story + Creative movement + Yoga + Brain Gym®
  • Relaxation
  • Adventure Skill (self-regulation) review
  • Parent/Teacher Guide – available on website
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6. Set Sail: Choices

When his Mom says, “No,” The Boy sets out – in a canoe, a submarine, a raft and a sailboat – for any place where he can make his own choices. Join him and Scooter as they sail across the sea, play with dolphins and discover the consequences of Candy Island, No Bedtime Island and It’s Your Birthday Every Day Island!

Enjoy playful exercise and help children understand that their choices have consequences. Kids act out the story – being the wind, the sails, the ship, the dolphin, the pelican, the chocolate mountain…. – AND learn to use 2 new Adventure Skills:

Deep Down Wisdom – reconnect head and heart so you don’t spin out with upset or anger, and can remember to do what’s right.
Rock the Boat – ground yourself and find your center, even when your world has been rocked.

Get the Adventure Skill Flash Cards for ALL the fun, effective and easy-to-do self-regulation techniques!


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