Kids Yoga DVDs – Scooter & Me Heart Series (Set of 3) for Calm, Caring & Confidence


3 Play-Along Movement Story Video Classes
25-30 minutes each includes:

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Social-emotional and self-regulation skills are crucial for happy, successful children.

Do yours struggle with attention, self-control or making friends?

Do they need help calming or centering themselves, staying on task, or managing stress?

In the 3 Heart Series DVDs, our stories explore the qualities of caring for self and others such as perseverance, resilience, acceptance, appreciation and friendship. Why? Because children who can navigate challenges, move through fear and see the good in everyone are better equipped to be good friends and good citizens.

Open your heart with Scooter and The Boy as they make friends with a dragon, play with dolphins and‚ remember all the amazing adventures they’ve shared.

7. Tortoise, Hare and Dragon: Perseverance

It’s a race! It’s Tortoise versus Hare, and fox, eagle, beetle and other forest friends have come to cheer them on. But, wait…how did a dragon find his way into this story? And how are they going to get around him to finish the race? Discover the value of kindness and stick-to-it-ness and watch what happens!

8. Coral Reef: Acceptance

Sometimes, the Boy is a boy and sometimes…he’s a hermit crab! And he’s also very small and the Coral Reef is very big, very beautiful and very scary. Jellyfish, sharks, manta rays…should he stay, explore and make some new friends or should he scurry away and hide in his shell?

9. A Beautiful Dream: Relationship

Summer is over, school’s about to begin and the Boy dreams a beautiful dream about his adventures with Scooter. He revisits the amazing places they explored together, the many wonderful friends he made and the fun they had. Wouldn’t it be great to go for a Scooter ride in the park by the lake, one last time?

Find movement stories 1 – 3 in Scooter & Me Body Series and 4 – 6 in Scooter & Me Mind Series.

At home or at school, these enchanting Yoga Story DVDs are the perfect movement enrichment resource for building both motor and mindfulness skills. Designed by experts and developed with kids, they combine exciting stories with creative movement, yoga and Adventure Skills.[/twocol_one_last]

Adventure Skills are simple exercises with cool names and images, such as Monkey Wisdom and Fish Breath, that kids can use to support and re-direct themselves when angry, frustrated, confused, scared or sad.
Check out the Adventure Skill Flash Cards.

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