3 Kids Yoga Story DVDs for Strength, Flexibility & Balance

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3 Play-Along Movement Story Video Classes
25-30 minutes each includes:

  •  Improves motor skills, coordination, strength, balance, flexibility
  • Develops focus, concentration, early literacy, direction following
  •  Teaches self-awareness, self-care and self-regulation
  • Nurtures kinesthetic intelligence – 80% of kids are kinesthetic learners

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  • 3 DVDs
  • Warm-up
  • Story + Creative movement + Yoga + Brain Gym®
  • Relaxation
  • Adventure Skill (self-regulation) review
  • Parent/Teacher Guide – available on website
  • Cost-effective movement enrichment – a specialist for the price of a DVD
  •  Kids get the exercise/creative play time they need every day – even indoors
  • Progressive – the more kids participate, the more they master and benefit

Do your children/students struggle with behavior, weight or emotional issues?

Do they have trouble focusing, settling down, staying on task, managing stress or dealing appropriately with their feelings and impulses?

Wish you could afford more movement enrichment and teach them effective self-regulation tools?

Let the award-winning Scooter & Me movement stories help your kids/students become more physically fit, emotionally stable and learning able! And watch them thrive…

Taught by experts and developed with kids, these video classes combine exciting stories with creative movement, yoga and Brain Gym®. Kids get the fun of acting out the story through movement – being a scooter, a jet boat, a storm, a butterfly, a lion and so much more – while learning easy-to-do, self-regulation techniques called Adventure Skills.

Adventure Skills are simple exercises with cool names and images, such as Monkey Wisdom and Humming Breath, that kids can use to calm and center themselves when angry, frustrated, confused, scared or sad.
Check out the Adventure Skill Flash Cards.

In the 3 Body Series DVDs, we focus our stories on Building strength, discovering flexibility and perfecting your balance. Why? Because children who are more coordinated are more ready for cognitive tasks and children who feel strong and balanced are more confident learners and achievers.

1. The Birthday Gift, aka: The Magic Scooter: Strength

Meet The Boy and his magic red Scooter, the best birthday present ever! Ride along with them through the park and grow a little stronger, faster and adventurous every day as you become a motorcycle, a jet boat, a rocket ship, stars, trees, birds and more.

2. Monkey Around at the Zoo: Flexibility & Appreciation

Jump on magic scooter and romp through the famous Audubon Zoo with Monkey. Hop on the Zoo Train and visit Elephant, Giraffe, Turtle and many more. Stomp, swing, climb, stretch, roll, bend and hide in your shell!

3. Possum’s Tail: Balance & Concentration

Ride magic scooter out to the swamp and explore with little Possum. She’s determined to learn to balance, even though she was born without a tail! Climb across a canyon, hang upside down in a tree, hide from hungry alligator, and like Possum, find your determination.

Find movement stories 4 – 6 in Scooter & Me Mind Series and 7 – 9 in Scooter & Me Heart Series.

All DVD sessions are comprehensive and balanced. Movement is informed by creative movement, yoga, Brain Gym(R), and educational research to optimize physical and cognitive development. Stories are thoughtfully written to teach social – emotional lessons. Online P/T guide supports you in building on the skills and lessons in the stories.

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1 review for 3 Kids Yoga Story DVDs for Strength, Flexibility & Balance

  1. Melissa Taylor

    My six-year old and I LOVE the DVDs – and she wants more! She was really engaged by the story, totally into doing the movement, and having so much fun! I really am impressed!

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