Robot Makes a New Friend on the Moon – for Curiosity & Encouragement


1 Play-Along Movement Story DVD
25-30 minutes includes:

  • Warm-up
  • Story + Creative movement + Yoga + Brain Gym®
  • Relaxation
  • Adventure Skill (self-regulation) review
  • Parent/Teacher Guide – available on website
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Adventure # 5 from the Scooter & Me MIND series: Robot Makes a Friend on the Moon – Curiosity

Blast off! Watch out for that comet! Scooter is a rocket and we’re going to the moon! But you’re not alone. There’s a robot visiting, too, and he nearly blows his circuits when he sees Scooter. What is this thing? Can I bounce it? Can it make me breakfast? Will Robot overheat or learn how to play and have fun, even when confronted with the unknown?

Actively explore the unknown of space and develop awareness, willingness and curiosity! Kids act out the story – becoming the stars, the rocket, the robot, the no-gravity of the moon – and learn 2 new Adventure Skills:

Full Scanning Mode – clears your mind, settles your body, deepens your breath so you can do your best thinking and remembering.
Full Sensing Mode – tunes up your senses to help you be more aware, alert and learning able.

Get the Adventure Skill Flash Cards for ALL the fun, effective and easy-to-do self-regulation techniques!


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