Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum with Teacher Guide


Learn & implement the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum with ease and confidence.

With the Online Teacher Guide (OTG), you get an introduction to how all the components work together; an explanation of the foundational principles and the research it’s based on; video demonstrations of the self-regulation skills and brain-based practices, and access to free monthly conference calls for personalized coaching.

OTG comes with either hardcopy or download so pick your option before adding to cart.

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Online Teacher Guide:

  • 6 hours of recorded instruction
    • Curriculum Introduction & Overview (75 min)
    • Modeling Mindfulness & Research Review (45 min)
    • Movement & Mindfulness 101 (70 min)
    • Movement & Mindfulness 102 (80 min)
    • Movement & Mindfulness 103 (90 min)
  • Video demos and other resources

The Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum has 5 different yet integrated components:

  1. 30 Weekly Lesson Plans in a 350-page binder that includes over 200 games, exercises, and activities in the categories listed below. In the download option, you receive the binder content in a ZIP file with 15 Sections in PDF format.
  • Stories in Motion
  • Empower Me! SEL reinforcement
  • Take It Outside
  • Cooperative Games
  • Mindfulness Activities
  • Move to the Music
  1. 9 Yoga/Movement Story Video Classes on DVD. In the download option, you receive 9 Mp4 files
  • Body Series 3 DVDs – # 1 Magic Scooter, #2 Monkeying at the Zoo, #3 Possum’s Tail
  • Mind Series 3 DVDs – #4 Lost & Found in Africa, #5 Robot Makes Friend on Moon, #6 Set Sail
  • Heart Series 3 DVDs – #7 Tortoise, Hare & Dragon, #8 Coral Reef, #9 Beautiful Dream
  1. A set of Adventure Skill Flash Cards with the 16 health & self-regulation techniques used in the video classes. In the download option, you receive a pdf of the cards to print on cardstock and fold.
  1. The Adventure Skills Poster which shows all 16 health & self-regulation techniques. In both hardcopy & download, this comes as a PDF file to print 18 x 24.
  1. CDs of Music for Movement. In the download option, you receive an Mp3 of Feelin’ Free CD.The other CDs, Literacy in Motion and Brain Boogie Boosters, must be downloaded directly from Learning Station Music (Sorry for the inconvenience but The Learning Station will not allow us sell their music digitally. As a result, we discounted our price $30, which is what it will cost you to get those 2 downloads from them.)

Participation improves:

  • Focus and Concentration
  • Strength, Flexibility and Balance
  • Coordination and Confidence
  • Direction Following and Early Literacy
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Control
  • Self-Care and Self-Regulation
  • Resilience and Empathy


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