Movement & Mindfulness – 30-week Curriculum

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This 30-week Movement & Mindfulness program integrates stories, exercise & self-regulation to build fitness, focus, and learning readiness for Pre K – G1! Also available for instant download in PDF Format

Enjoy fun, effective, and innovative lesson plan themes with 200+ movement & mindfulness building activities that can be used as is or in parts to fulfill early learning framework and common core standards for physical health & development, creative arts and social-emotional learning.

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Movement & Mindfulness building Curriculum  integrates stories, exercise & self-regulation to improve fitness, attention, early literacy, direction following, learning readiness, self-control, and responsible behavior.   You can implement as is or integrate its variety of movement & mindfulness components and activities into your existing program!

Lesson Plans support all intelligences, fulfill standards, and profoundly engage children.  Activities  are easy to implement and  integrate movement & mindfulness to develop physical fitness, teach health and self-regulation skills, and empower children manage their stress, understand their emotions, make thoughtful behavior choices, and be more resilient.

Sue Guertin, K-G1 teacher & OT, MA:  “The teachers and I are so excited about the results we are seeing using this curriculum.  Students are excited, attentive, and cooperative as well as already showing an understanding of how to apply the Adventure skills in the classroom.”

1. 30 Weekly Lesson Plans with over 200 movement & mindfulness building activities in these categories:

  • Stories in Motion
  • Empower Me! SEL reinforcement
  • Take It Outside
  • Cooperative Games
  • Mindfulness Activities
  • Move to the Music

2. 9 Yoga/Movement Story Video Classes

  • Body Series 3 DVDs – # 1 Magic Scooter, #2 Monkeying at the Zoo, #3 Possum’s Tail
  • Mind Series 3 DVDs – #4 Lost & Found in Africa, #5 Robot Makes Friend on Moon, #6 Set Sail
  • Heart Series 3 DVDs – #7 Tortoise, Hare, Dragon, #8 Coral Reef, #9 Beautiful Dream

3. 16 Adventure Skill Flash Cards – health lessons & simple, effective self-care and regulation techniques

4. Adventure Skills Poster – show all 16 health & self-regulation techniques

5. 3 CDs of Music for Movement:

Participation improves:

  • Focus and Concentration
  • Strength, Flexibility and Balance
  • Coordination and Confidence
  • Direction Following and Early Literacy
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Control
  • Self-Care and Self-Regulation
  • Resilience and Empathy


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9 reviews for Movement & Mindfulness – 30-week Curriculum

  1. Patricia Loera (verified owner)

    This program is a terrific and affordable resource that supports all our initiatives – from health and fitness, to parent involvement, to early literacy and social-emotional learning. As First 5 Director, I am thrilled to have my teams trained to use it to enhance health, behavior and learning throughout Glenn County.

  2. Susan Guertin (verified owner)

    The curriculum is being used in two kindergarten’s and two first grades. The teachers and I are so excited about the results we are seeing. Each classroom is invested – students are excited, attentive, and cooperative. The first grade is most striking as this group of 11 students including some with special needs have embraced the adventure skills. Some of them initiate use of breathing and infinity 8’s at their desks and as a class notice when they might use a skill. We just finished a second round of Robot (their favorite to date) and they taught the principal what to do to avoid a meltdown.

  3. Ashely Santos-Smith

    The Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum offers a solid program for schools, touching on both academic content and social-emotional learning. I can’t wait to use it and train others to!

  4. Rochelleah Davis, G1 teacher, Brooklyn, NY (verified owner)

    This curriculum is powerful. Everything is so well organized and ready to use that any teacher can use it and be successful!

  5. Vicki Martinez, Child Dev. Center, Marine Corp Community Services, SC (verified owner)

    The Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum is working really well for us. We build the video classes into our weekly curriculum schedule and find them beneficial for the children’s motor skills, focus, attention, awareness and self-control. Kids enjoy the story-based active play in small groups and teachers reinforce use of the self-regulation techniques as needed.

  6. Lori Czech, Teacher, MA (verified owner)

    With the academic demands in kindergarten, the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum has made a big difference in kids’ development and abilities. It’s great to see them understanding why, when, and how to use the Adventure Skills to help themselves.

  7. Elise Hancock, OT, VT (verified owner)

    The Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum offers a great opportunity to teach story structure and vocabulary in a multi-sensory way. All activities really engage the students, even the children on my caseload with language challenges. Now I use it as a part of my therapy time with some kids, as well as in the circle times when I am doing language lessons with all kids.

  8. Kimberly Anderson, Teacher, MN (verified owner)

    My students love the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum, in particular the Brain Games and Adventure Skills, which we use daily. Apparently, this mind-body stuff works. My students earned the highest math and reading scores in the school.

  9. Robin Harwell, Build the Brain Educational Consultant (verified owner)

    The Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum offers terrific tools that I recommend to all the parents, teachers and pre-school directors with whom I work. The movement stories, skills, and activities engage kids in fun active play that literally builds the brain while also developing fitness and social-emotional skills.

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