Instant Download Scooter & Me Active Play & Social Skills Program: 9 Yoga/Movement Story Video Classes


Support children, ages 3 – 7, in being physically fit, emotionally stable and learning able with all 9 Movement and Mindfulness Video Classes.

  • Instant download in Mp4 format
  • Exciting interactive playtime for body, mind and heart
  • Healthy indoor exercise that teaches self-regulation techniques
  • Cost-effective, teacher created, movement and social-emotional enrichment

Also available on DVDs

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Aligned with Preschool Learning Foundations and Head Start Performance Standards, these dvds provide both teachers and parents with affordable, re-usable, award-winning curriculum and activities in the areas of:

  • Physical Development & Health
  • Social-Emotional Development & Self-Regulation
  • Creative Arts Expression & Early Literacy

The full Scooter & Me Program includes 3 adventures from the Body series, 3 from the Mind series and 3 from the Heart series. All 9 video classes take kids on exciting movement adventures with The Boy and his magic red Scooter as they explore the world, even outer space. Ride a scooter, be a rocket, sail a ship, explore the moon, dive under the ocean, and much more!

As kids follow along, acting out the story through movement, they enjoy fun active play and instructional exercise, build physical fitness, and practice cool new self-regulation skills that help them be strong, make smart choices and take care of themselves.

Why Scooter & Me for your kids or students?

They build on other movement programs
In our unique combination of story, creative movement, yoga, pretend play, chi gong and self-regulation techniques, we include components that have been shown to enhance not only physical development but cognitive growth, learning and self-regulation:

They engage with stories – children follow-along with the instructor as she tells and demonstrates a story. Children “become” everything in the story – the lion, the rocket, the tree, the flower and the bumble-bee. Because the process of acting out the narrative is WAY MORE FUN than performing calisthenics, children sustain focus and concentration for longer periods, build stamina and coordination and improve early literacy and direction following.

They include both aerobic and intentional exercise – children participate in a balanced combination of vigorous creative movement, which elevates the heart rate and contributes to increased release of neurotropic growth factors; and slower, focused yoga poses, which have been shown to concentrate those growth factors in the hippocampus and cerebellum, the centers for long and short term memory as well as coordinated thought and movement.

They integrate self-care and self-regulation techniques – the characters in the movement stories face and overcome challenges by using “adventure skills”, which are proven mind-body techniques children can use to calm and center when rocked by emotions such as, fear, anger, frustration or excitement. These self-regulation exercises have easily visualized names such as Monkey Wisdom, Elephant Ears and Ocean Breath. They give children concrete actions for supporting themselves and redirecting their impulses in productive and emotionally intelligent ways. When children are empowered to self-regulate, they build self-control and self-confidence.

Regular participation develops:

  • Focus and Concentration
  • Strength, Flexibility and Balance
  • Coordination and Confidence
  • Direction Following and Early Literacy
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Control
  • Social-Emotional and Self-Regulation Skills


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