Instant Download Possum’s Tail – for Balance & Concentration


1 Play-Along Movement Story Video
25-30 minutes includes:

  • Mp4 format
  • Warm-up
  • Story + Creative movement + Yoga + Brain Gym®
  • Relaxation
  • Adventure Skill (self-regulation) review
  • Parent/Teacher Guide – available on website

Also available on DVD


This play-along movement adventure engages children in active, pretend play that improves balance and concentration and teaches them 2 simple self-care techniques that help them hear more clearly and to think more positively.


Ride magic scooter out to the swamp and explore with little Possum, who wants to find her balance, even though she was born without a tail! Climb across a canyon, hang upside down in a tree, hide from hungry alligator, and like Possum, find your determination.

What do kids get?
Regular participation enhances your child’s well-being by teaching them skills to regulate their emotions while improving their focus, concentration, determination and balance..

  • Develops alignment and concentration
  • Balance and Fitness
  • Strength and Flexibility
  • Self-control and Self-regulation
  • introduces universal values such as compassion and determination

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