All About the Brain


This lesson explores the brain, its basic anatomy and functions, through movement activities and games. Help children learn to better self-care and regulate by understanding their 3 different “states of mind”.


  • Standards based Lesson Plan – teaches kids about their brains
  • March of the Penguins Mp3 – kinesthetic exploration of the brain
  • 4 Games – reinforces an embodied understanding of the brain
  • 4 Breathing Techniques
  • Music suggestions for movement activities
  • Storybook suggestion for a Story in Motion activity
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This lesson explores the brain, its basic anatomy and functions, through movement activities and games. Help children learn to better identify and manage their own well-being, emotions, and impulses by understanding their Triune Brain’s 3 different “states of mind”.

It includes activity instructions for brain-based games, breathing techniques, a spine-posture exploration as well as music selections and a synopsis of the physiology of learning which explains how movement activities support self-regulation and executive functions.

You’ll receive an Mp3 file of March of the Penguins – Bus Tour of the Brain narration and music created for us by Eve Kodiak.

For the Move to the Music song suggestions, please purchase the CD Brain Boogie Boosters directly from Learning Station. The Learning Station: Brain Boogie Boosters (BBB). (Sorry we can’t include it but they only sell downloads directly from their site!) This is a terrific and timeless CD, which, once you get to know it, will one of your favorite resources for brain breaks and classroom well-being.

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3 options available

Lesson Plan + Mind Series DVDs $40, Lesson Plan + Mind Series Mp4s $30, Lesson plan only $20


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