A Beautiful Dream – for Remembering & Relationship


1 Play-Along Movement Story DVD
25-30 minutes includes:

  • Warm-up
  • Story + Creative movement + Yoga + Brain Gym®
  • Relaxation
  • Adventure Skill (self-regulation) review
  • Parent/Teacher Guide – available on website
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Adventure # 9 from the Scooter & Me HEART series: A Beautiful Dream – for Remembering & Relationship

Summer is over, school’s about to begin and the Boy dreams a beautiful dream about his many travels with Scooter. He revisits the amazing places they explored together, the many wonderful friends he made and the fun they had. Wouldn’t it be great to go for a Scooter ride in the park by the lake, one last time?

Encourage active play and build social-emotional intelligence at home or school. As kids act out the story, revisiting all the previous adventures – from Africa, to the Zoo, to the Sea, the Forest, the Coral Reef, and even the Moon, they review ALL the Adventure Skills they’ve learned and realize how much stronger, smarter and more capable they have grown.

Get the Adventure Skill Flash Cards for ALL the fun, effective self-regulation techniques from all 9 adventures!


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