10985110_703281316449634_8926033813246570070_nRosalie has worked with young children, youth, families, and teachers in her community in southern California for the last 20 years. Her mission is to empower them to feel peaceful and to advocate for peace.

I focus on sharing tools that support their self-care and regulation, centering and focusing, critical thinking, active listening, and problem-solving. In my classes and community service projects in Irvine Regional Park, we explore different arts & media incorporating stories through history, cooperative games, guided imagery, meditation, drama, dance, music, and creative movement. (www.OCPeacecamp.com)

Her journey working with children has guided her to establish her own way of self-regulating. Learning from the many mindfulness classes and other in-depth mind-body trainings she’s experienced, she has integrated the tools that work for her in her own daily practice, and has many options to offer not only the children she teaches, but also the parents, teachers, and administrations she serves through parent training and professional development.

Daily, I seek to walk my talk. I am continually mindful of where I am as a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, trainer, dancer, and mentor and reflect regularly on how I am impacting others. Am I showing up as I intend… as my best self? I also have a very strong spiritual foundation. I meditate on things that are positive. I know not to overwhelm myself with activities which will throw me out of balance. I give myself time to slow down my breathing, use some adventure skills, and be quiet. I know it’s what I need to have a grateful heart and enjoy the blessings of playing every day. And I am grateful for you Leah, and Move with Me Yoga Adventures, for giving me the opportunity to continue to grow in this field.

Rosalie is planning to extend her use and sale of the curriculum resources to the many stressed families that she sees. She’s understands first-hand how effective the adventure skills, activities, and stories can give families a healthy way to play and self-care together. She loves supporting parents, who, as much as their kids, need tools for managing and thriving, not just surviving, in their fast paced and sometimes chaotic lives.  Here’s a perfect and powerful example:

A 4 year old was having a tantrum in front of her mom about going home. I could hear the child’s upset and see the mom, frazzled, at a total loss as to what to do, and getting angry. I stepped in before it escalated into a power struggle, and asked the child what she had learned to do to help herself when feeling upset and angry. She looked at me, like a lightbulb had switched on, and replied: “I put my one hand to my heart and the other on my belly. I breathe slowly in and out.” As she did this, she started to calm. I told her she could do it for as long as she wanted. She continued. Mom looked at me amazed. I smiled. After a few more moments, the child stopped, picked up her stuff, and walked out quietly with her Mom.  

Other anecdotes to share with M & M Teacher-Trainers:

I use the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum with my preschool-2nd grade students during PE time and after school program. We use the footprints/handprints to map out the 3 States of Mind of the Triune Brain. Then we have fun doing the March of the Penguins. Then, I hear children apply what they’ve learned: “You’re thinking from your brainstem …use your frontal brain.” I love when I see that they truly internalize the tools. That’s empowerment.

I also use the laminated Adventure Skill Cards regularly. I have children partner up and the move from one card to another – practicing the mind-body activity, reflecting on how it makes them feel, and naming at least one time in their lives they will use it.

During the Celebration of Young Child Week, I am doing a lot of movement to music using the Literacy in Motion CD. My classes love Where the Wild Things Are. These and all the MwMYA movement & mindfulness resources bring more fun and joy, as well as reflection and kindness, to the learning process.

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