pathology-v-healthTo me, the mindfulness movement has wonderfully enhanced our learning how to self-care, self-regulate, and be responsible for our own well-being and mental health. Because it encourages us to rest back, widen out, and notice without judgment, it also invites us to move out of a pathology paradigm and participate in a health paradigm. It doesn’t focus on what’s wrong. It strengthens our ability to be with what is and motivates us with science validated reminders that enjoying its benefits takes practice. Regular practice slows us down, expands our consciousness, and reconnects us to our greatest asset – our health system.

When I say your health system, I am talking about the bigger forces that literally created you and are continually monitoring, metabolizing, eliminating, maintaining, integrating, and renewing you.  You are a metabolic miracle, truly.  Your pursuit of mindfulness is a doorway to greater access to your innate health and healing power.   Every time you meditate, move into greater awareness, or relax deeply, you allow and support this system to process, balance, and re-calibrate you.  The more you practice, the more space and fluidity in your system, and the greater ease and well-being you experience.

My point is that each of our systems is infinitely intelligent and always moving us toward greater health based on the present circumstances and consciousness.  Just as after eating a big meal, you don’t go running because you know your body needs time to digest; in our busy, demanding lives, we can’t just go-go-go.  We need to give ourselves time to metabolize the stressors and reset our nervous systems to maintain health.  Like a hot bath, mindfulness supports our greater health intelligence to work with and metabolize for us.

As you make lifestyle changes and explore how to bring more mindfulness and wellness into your homes and classrooms, where are you coming from?  Are you focused on what’s wrong and how to fix it or stop it, which often creates more constriction and diminishes flow and health?  Or are you making time and space for your and your students’ systems to function optimally?  Can you stop seeing something wrong with you or them, and instead allow, feel, and attend to what is expressed?  When seen through the lens of health, everything that arises is for greater health.   Can you embrace and be responsive such that what arises can be seen, heard, and processed in the service of greater health?


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