We all want our kids to be able to ground and center themselves. We want them to be stable and level-headed; we want them to be down to earth, able to stand their ground, have both feet firmly planted on the ground. Yet, we don’t teach them how. How many kids, or adults, know how to settle and stabalize themselves at will. Can you ground and strengthen yourself whenever you choose?

When kids, or anyone, are wound up physically, or worked up mentally, or upset emotionally or stood up socially, they become less grounded. In the accompanying strain, frustration, upset, anxiety, over-stimuation, etc., they unconsciously (and we all do this) pull their energy up. Notice the word UP is used to describe all kinds of agitated, unstable, unhappy mind-body states!

Yet, to be grounded, we must learn how to send our energy DOWN, even in the face of Upset. “Your Inner Mountain” Game is a fun and simple way to teach and practice rooting down. Knowing this simple mind-body technique enhances both self-regulation and confidence, clear thinking and personal power.

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