Albert Einstein: “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”

Did you know that key literacy milestones are impossible to achieve without certain motor milestones having been mastered? The process of acquiring specific motor skills wire the neural connections that help make reading and writing accessible and, eventually, masterful, fluid activities.

Did you know that without loving, supportive, safe bonds with adults and peers, children will experience emotional and mental stress, which has been directly tied with learning  & emotional development delays?

Can you see the feedback loop? Learning is multi-dimensional.

Many paths nourish the learning body, mind, and heart, and those paths are not separate, but profoundly interconnected.  Movement impacts the healthy function of the brain, emotions affect our state of mind, our state of mind influences our emotions, emotions influence movement patterns, etc.

Our children are not simply “blossoming minds” – they are each, in and of themselves, an entire blossoming universe of connections and possibilities. With Scooter & Me Action Adventure Series you can:

1) Support multi-dimensional /experiential learning.
Our yoga stories are built on a multi-dimensional model of experiential learning and divided into 3 units: Body, Mind, and Heart. Each unit builds upon and reinforces the others.

2) Increase cognitive abilities.
Yoga poses, Brain Gym® activities, creative movement, and specific exercises are integrated into the choreography.  The sustained active play increases the heart rate and, in turn, the secretion of neurotropic factors into the bloodstream such as BDNF, which Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. John Ratey describes as “miracle grow for the brain.”

3) Strengthen fine and gross motor skill development.
The Body Series, emphasizes the basics of physical development, giving your child the opportunity to practice & master strength balance, flexibility and complex coordination.

4) Enhance early literacy skills
Yoga stories invite kids to physically follow a narrative, which reinforces early literacy-building skills.  Combine storytelling with rhythm, rhyme, and follow-along fun – you get a triple dose of literacy-boosting activity.

5) Support social-emotional development
Adventure Skills are yoga Brain Gym® based self care and self-regulation skills that support your child’s social-emotional development. These simple techniques are used within the story so children understand that they can use them like the characters do to calm and center themselves as needed to overcome obstacles and make smart choices.

6) Defuse stress
The Adventure Skills give you and your students or children a new fun vocabulary of activities to share for diffusing stress. Now when things get tense, hectic, frustrating, irritating, confusing, etc. everyone can breathe and support them selves in specific ways that really work. With the ability to self-regulate, kids can be a lot more relaxed and productive.

7) Enjoy easy access to support and guidance tools
The posted Parent / Teacher Guide provides you with ideas for related activities, discussion,  and co-creative time, as well as a complete list of our Adventure Skills, with pictures, instructions, and explanations. Use this guide to reinforce and expand on the lessons in the Kids Yoga DVD stories. And look for full 28-week curriculum for purchase and download in the Fall 2012.

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