The following videos demonstrate self regulation activities that you can use at home or in the classroom. These activities help children to calm, focus, get grounded into their bodies. As a result of this internal centering, executive function is improved and children become emotionally stable and learning able!  Try them with your children/students and tell us what you notice. Regular practice  of self regulation activities like those in the video below will surely result in noticeable differences in your home or classroom environment. We want to hear about it!

1. Monkey Wisdom: energizes the body and activates whole brain thinking. We use it to prepare kids for reading and writing exercises and other fine motor skill activities. The cross-lateral movement enhances thinking, comprehension, and learning by activating both the left and right sides of the brain simultaneously.

2. Deep Down Wisdom: a great exercise for when kids are feeling stressed. Use it before a test or when your child his extra emotional and just needs to settle into his/her body. This self regulation activity is one to use when you want to redirect intense emotions and feel calm again.

3. Humming Breath:an effective tool for self soothing. Use it regularly when starting any new activity or at any transition time, and notice how your kids shift with more ease. The Humming Breath’s soothing effects will carry kids through transitions with ease.

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