Do you want to give your students skills that will serve them throughout their entire life?

Do you want to support and enhance executive function in the students you work with?

Are you looking for a way to reinforce early literacy, optimal brain function AND get your students moving?

 Are you looking for a program that will improve sensory integration while engaging the entire class?

Self-regulation,  our natural, internal, automatic capacity to balance our emotional states, is the foundation for physical, mental, and emotional health.

Imagine a world where effective skills were taught to us at an early age and we left those years equipped to manage stress and overcome challenges. Imagine a world where every child had access to a comprehensive program that supported their early brain development and taught them life skills in a way that considers the WHOLE Child. 

The systematic teaching and practicing of self-regulation is one of the most valuable activities we can share with our children because with the ability to self-soothe, calm, focus, manage stress, navigate emotions, and integrate one’s experiences grows confidence, mindfulness, critical thinking, resilience, and healthy habits.

While Early Childhood Education has made great strides in ensuring that every child, regardless of socio-economic limitations, has access to academic and early intervention, it is still missing the mark in terms of educating the WHOLE child.  Children learn best and their brains function optimally when their STRESS & EMOTIONS ARE REGULATED. Multiple studies confirm that self-regulation and emotional resilience, developed in early childhood, are essential ingredients for long-term achievement and success.

If you are looking for a program that improves self-regulation,  enhances executive function,  supports early literacy,  reinforces social-emotional learning, AND get your students moving – the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum is everything you need for PreK – Grade 2.

“The teachers and I are so excited about the results we are seeing using this curriculum.  Students are excited, attentive, and cooperative.  They are already initiating use of the Adventure skills in the classroom.”– Susan Guertin, Teacher & OTRL

Self Regulation Skills Curriculum

This comprehensive 30-week program integrates stories, exercise & self-regulation to improve fitness, attention, early literacy, direction following, learning readiness, self-control, and responsible behavior.   You can implement as is, or integrate its variety of components and activities into your existing program!

Lesson Plans support all intelligences, fulfill standards, and profoundly engage children.  Activities  are easy to implement and build motor skills, teach health lessons, and  empower children manage their stress, understand their emotions, make thoughtful behavior choices, and be more resilient.

What does the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum consist of?

 30 Weekly Lesson Plans with over 200 activities in these categories:

  • Stories in Motion
  • Empower Me! SEL reinforcement
  • Take It Outside
  • Cooperative Games
  • Mindfulness Activities
  • Move to the Music

MwM single DVDs_web

9 Yoga/Movement Story Video Classes

  • Body Series 3 DVDs – # 1 Magic Scooter, #2 Monkeying at the Zoo, #3 Possum’s Tail
  • Mind Series 3 DVDs – #4 Lost & Found in Africa, #5 Robot Makes Friend on Moon, #6 Set Sail
  • Heart Series 3 DVDs – #7 Tortoise, Hare, Dragon, #8 Coral Reef, #9 Beautiful Dream

16 Adventure Skill Flash Cards – health lessons & simple, effective self-care and regulation techniques

self regulation skill flash card exampleThese sturdy 5.5” x 8.5” cards, with colorful images on front and easy-to-follow directions on back, offer child-friendly activities that support well-being and enhance social-emotional learning. Use them at home or school to:



  • Teach/Reinforce the use of the Scooter & Me Adventure Skills
  • Manage stress and enhance well-being, focus, and learning
  • Develop impulse control, thoughtful behavior, and emotional resilience


POSTER 18x24_rev10_07_12Adventure Skills Poster – show all 16 health & self-regulation techniques

Enhance social-emotional learning and self-regulation with these 16 techniques that empower children to soothe and support themselves, building self-control and emotional resilience.

 3 CDs of Music for Movement:

Invest in your Self-Regulated Classroom Today!

Participation improves:

  • Focus and Concentration
  • Strength, Flexibility and Balance
  • Coordination and Confidence
  • Direction Following and Early Literacy
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Control
  • Self-Care and Self-Regulation
  • Resilience and Empathy

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