I have a personal story that I would like to share with you. I grew up as an overweight child and it was really rough. I was bullied, limited by weight to participate in school activities like cheerleading, and incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin. I have a story, like many people do, but I’m not writing to you about me. Rather, my story is about the generation currently affected. Specifically my nephew.

My nephew is 10 years old, incredibly smart, a natural comic, talented, and an incredible little soul. Old patterns in my family have given him a legacy of being overweight. Like his family before him, he doesn’t have the nutrition education and fitness knowledge that will inspire and encourage him to be healthy. He’s like many kids in his community who don’t have real resources that talk about these issues in positive ways. Encouragement is hard to come by for an obese child. Activity can be daunting and there’s a lot of pressure to be fit. Being made fun of is always a fear.

We are all responsible in helping our children to be healthy. Movements like Partnership for a Healthier America and Move with Me to help end childhood obesity need our support. This is easier than you might think: click to vote and get our message heard in Washington D.C.

I’m worried that in two years time my nephew, who will be 12, could be diagnosed as a pre-diabetic or worse, diagnosed as a diabetic. You and I can make a difference now with our votes.


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