When Move with Me was selected as a semi-finalist in Partnership for a Healthier America’s End Childhood Obesity Innovation Challenge we had no idea that the youth yoga community would answer our call for support with such a groundswell of generosity.

Abby Wills of Shanti Generation organized a raffle as soon as she heard the news. Within hours other youth yoga organizations stepped up to offer their products and services as prizes for the raffle. Today, the raffle has turned into a “Mega Giveaway” with over 85 incredible prizes that support the physical and emotional well-being of our youth. Every person who votes for MwM in PHA’s challenge, can enter to win these prizes.

We are so overwhelmed with gratitude for the support from our colleagues, that we wanted to let you know who these organizations are. In a series of posts, we will be featuring each of these organizations and their products. We hope you take a moment to learn more about them and what they have to offer.

Karma Kids Yoga

Karma Kids Yoga is donating our CD, “Come Play Yoga!”, a gold Mom’s Choice Award winner for best kids music!  Fifteen original songs, rockin’ yoga music for kids, tons of yoga fun!  Come Play Yoga features an eclectic mix of musical styles, including rock, reggae, disco, country, new age, and rhythmic chanting.  Kids can practice yoga along with popular songs from our classes, or they can just chill out and enjoy the yoga groove.  Each track playfully aims to inspire confidence, strength, imagination and inner-peace, as well as bring a smile to your child’s yoga practice.

We are supporting Move with Me in this challenge because Leah is a pioneer in the world of children’s yoga and we believe in her mission.  And because we love Move with Me videos!



Omazing Kids LLC

“January’s Child: A Birthday Month Book” by Andrea Alban Gosline & “Agate: What Good Is a Moose?” by Joy Mogan Dey. Since I don’t have any products or services to raffle off, I decided to donate two of my favorite picture books to use in kids yoga classes. I have hundreds of kids pictures books but the decision was easy. I chose these two books because they beautifully weave affirmations into the story. For more info, a lesson plan, playlist & free printables see this post on the OMazing Kids blog: http://omazingkidsllc.com/2012/09/12/moosely-marvelous-omazing-kids-lesson-plan-printables-music-more/.

I am supporting the Move with Me campaign because I am passionate about yoga as a wellness activity for kids of all abilities. It taps into multiple learning styles, can be easily adapted to meet individual needs, can be done individually or in a group, is non-competitive & has research showing its benefits for kids with special needs (in particular for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, anxiety, etc…).


Amy Saltzman – The Still Quiet Place

This Still Quiet Place CD offers short guided mindfulness practices for teens. These practices let teens chill out and help them deal with daily challenges.




This CD offers young children playful guided practices for discovering their natural stillness and quietness. These practices help children learn to be kind and compassionate with themselves and others.

Move with Me is an excellent example of a school program that enhances physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

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