The 2015 roster of nationwide Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum Certifications are designed to give you – yoga instructors, movement teachers, early childhood educators, and therapeutic professionals with a yoga practice – the knowledge and resources to expand your outreach to or within the early learning community, to enhance your effectiveness with the parents, teachers, and children you work with, and to increase your income as you provide others with easy to use materials that improve the health and development of children.

In this 2-day training, you will become familiar with the entire 30 week program and practice how to implement and integrate all its components.  You will leave prepared to explain its benefits, teach its activities, and offer professional development.   You will have a whole new set of proven yoga-based resources to share and to sell to families looking for healthy, active playtime and to schools and organizations wanting to improve wellness practices, include brain-based learning, build self-regulation skills, and reinforce social-emotional competence.

Because the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum can be used by any teacher, parent, homeschooler, after-school provider, OT, etc. to nurture children’s physical fitness, emotional stability, and learning readiness, while addressing the early learning domains and fulfilling common core standards, it has become the core curriculum in several pre-K groups and demand is growing.   But this is a grass-roots movement that depends on all of us who advocate for playful, experiential learning that cultivates the wisdom of the mindful body.   As a MwM ambassador and trainer, you will be empowered to not only introduce and implement these progressive, integrated, whole child engaging lessons and activities, but also to train others to as well.   We believe that learning the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum will enable you to take the work you already do to a new level.

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