Yoga, Movement and Brain Gym® instructors

We are here to help you build your business, reach more schools and families, and make a bigger difference in your community.

With our resources and curriculum, you not only get fun new tools, games, and standards-based activities for your classes, you get playful home and educational classroom products to share with, sell to, and provide training for the schools and families with whom you work.

You can also expand the number of schools, preschools, Head Starts, child-care providers, home-school groups, camps or health organizations you service.

With our comprehensive curriculum that fulfills standards and gives teachers and care-providers everything they need, you can proudly knock on any door offering materials and professional development they are looking for to enhance wellness and improve outcomes.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the kids you teach to enjoy more movement & mindfulness?
Imagine how the seeds you plant in your lessons would grow when parents and teachers implement our easy-to-use and affordable resources at home and at school so that kids get:

  • Regularity – more time to play and practice every day
  • Repetition – reinforcement of neural pathways that develop into habits
  • Reflection – more time to slow down, notice sensations, and self-regulate
  • Research – more time to experiment with which tools work best for them

Here are your options for getting started:

Become a Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum Teacher!

Mindfulness Training

“Your training always took us back to self-regulation and coherence in ourselves, which enabled me to feel both personally inspired and professionally confident to share the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum program with children!"-Erin McFarland, Teacher, CA

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