When we launched Move with Me Yoga Adventures 3 years ago, our first official customer feedback came from Mike Russo, Early Childhood Center Director, Davis-Munson Air Force Base.  He wrote:

The MwM Yoga Adventure Programs are so much more than kids exercise DVDs.  They are a terrific enhancement to our curriculum by truly supporting all developmental tasks and standards.  We use them for PE and motor skills, early literacy and creative thinking, direction following and concentration as well as social-emotional learning and impulse control.  Teachers are also using the “Adventure Skills” throughout the day.  Now, kids are not just controlling their impulses, they are learning how to redirect their thoughts and choices in a positive way, which really shifts and empowers them.

His words burst my heart.  I was so happy that in new hands, the resources were working as planned.  Since then, though we’ve had lots of enthusiastic and appreciative feedback, fulfilling our mission to increase the quantity and quality of movement, play, and embodied self-regulation skill building in classrooms has been slow.  Physical and social-emotional activities still seem to take a back seat to standard academic ones, though brain, development, and education research tells us to flip that priority, especially in early childhood.

The good news is that I am feeling the tide turning.  Recently, the Education & Mental Health Director of a Head Start Association in PA told me that her team is seeing more and more attentional, behavioral, and learning issues.  They know they need to support the children they serve with more movement and mindfulness and are ordering curriculum for all 23 centers.  Another OT supervisor in VT has all 5 schools in the district onboard to implement use of the yoga/movement story video classes, health & self-regulation skills, and mindfulness games and activities.  I was even interviewed for a Mindful Class Management Tele-Summit!

To inspire and support more of you in turning the tide in your classroom, we are including the interview here and offering a special bulk discount on summer orders.

Be a healthier, more active and mindful classroom this fall.  Help your students BE BETTER AT EVERYTHING!

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