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2-Day Certification in the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum

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The Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum for PreK – G3 (ages 3-8 yrs) integrates story, yoga, creative movement, Brain Gym® based self-regulation, and mindfulness in a wide range of activities that engage the whole child, promote optimal development, and fulfill the Early Learning Framework and Common Core Standards.   It includes:

  • 9 yoga/movement adventure video classes
  • 3 CDs of music for movement
  • 16 self-regulation flash cards + 1 poster
  • 30 weeks of Lesson Plans with over 200 activities
    • Take it Outside
    • Cooperative Games
    • Mindfulness
    • Movement to Music
    • Stories in Motion

The Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum gives parents, teachers, and professionals everything they need to nurture children’s physical fitness, emotional stability, and learning readiness.  It is used in over 150 locations nationwide by homeschool groups, child-care providers, special needs teachers, OTs, PTs, preschools, Head Starts, and elementary schools. 


Educators, yoga/movement/Brain Gym® instructors, therapeutic professionals, parents, and care-givers are welcome.  Completion of the 2-day certification qualifies you to teach the curriculum to kids. 

With prior movement, Brain Gym® or yoga training, you can, after fulfilling 8 hours of additional homework (no additional cost), become a Trainer qualified to lead professional development and staff training.  Trainers are listed on the MwM website and have access to personal and professional support.

You qualify for Trainer if you are a:

  • Kids’ Yoga Teacher or Movement Teacher (Dance, PE, Brain Gym) with a Yoga Practice
  • Educator with a basic Kids’ Yoga Teacher Training
  • Therapeutic professional (OT, PT, LSW, MFCT, etc.) with a basic Kids’ Yoga Teacher Training


Move with Me also offers an affiliate program through which you can earn 20% commission on any resources you sell.


If you would like to schedule 2-Day Certification in the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum, please contact, Leah Kalish, MA:  [email protected] / 818-667-3689

Below are our recommendations for working together, which are negotiable:

  • Ideal Hours: Saturday & Sunday 9-6:00 pm
  • Participants receive Teacher Certificate of Completion for 16 hours
  • For Trainer Certification – prerequisites must be met and 8 hours homework completed
  • Syllabus/Outline available for submission for CEUs or professional development credits
  • Recommended cost per participant is $500 – $600
    • $400.00 tuition
    • $200 for hardcopy MMCur / $100.00 downloadable MMCur
    • Materials must be purchased in advance and brought to training
  • Minimum enrollment – 12 (to be confirmed 2 weeks prior)
  • Maximum enrollment – 60
  • Tuition sharing of gross tuition profits: 30% Host / 70% MwM
    • Host covers cost of space, marketing, snacks
    • MwM covers cost of travel, accommodations, registration, admin and support marketing
  • Tuition waived for 1 person from Host team
  • Arrangements for housing in someone’s home is always welcome
  • Cancellation policy – to be discussed

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