I am a stay at home mom of three boys.  We home-school and are using the Movement & Mindfulness program as our primary PE/SEL curriculum during the winter months. It has paid off beyond our expectations!   All three of the boys love “Miss Wendy”, and enjoy participating in the movement adventures with Scooter and the Boy.   Our eldest son, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, is so engaged that his balance and other movement skills are improving, which helps calm his anxieties so he can focus and learn better.   We ALL refer to the Adventure Skills often to deal with emotions.  They especially help our oldest not feel so overwhelmed.  Thank You!” –Amanda Paragon, Homeschool Mom of 3

Looking for a fun study break or indoor activity that gets the heart-rate up, shakes out the wiggles, and helps kids feel calm, centered and better able to access creative and complex thinking skills?

Wish you had a great program for physical fitness and social-emotional development?

Want  to help your young children embody a set of health, self-care, and self-regulation tools?

Yoga Adventure video classes engage the whole child in playful, joyful, experiential learning by combining together the magic of stories, the fun of pretend play, and the brain-building power of movement and yoga.

Each video class also includes 2-4 proven health, self-care and self-regulation techniques called Adventure Skills that characters in the stories use to be strong, smart, manage feelings and overcome obstacles.  These social-emotional life skills are designed to be reinforced through use of the Adventure Skills Flash Cards and/or poster.

Use DVDs and Cards together just 3 days/week to:

  • Develop balance, coordination and readiness for literacy and numeracy
  • Improve focus, fitness and direction following
  • Cultivate self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Teach self-regulation and resilience

Each DVD includes:

  • Warm-up – specific to the Story
  • Introduction to the 2-4 Adventure Skills used in the Story
  • Movement Story – combining creative movement, Yoga, and Brain Gym®
  • Relaxation – Visualization that reinforces lessons from the stories
  • Adventure Skills and Yoga Pose review

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Additional Homeschooling Parent Reviews:

“We love this program! We’ve been using it throughout the year as part of our curriculum and it does not get old.  There is always something new for the kids to work on and focus on.  They feel very proud of themselves when they can hold a pose and use the tools that they have been learning.” -Susan Tarasova, Homeschool Mother of Three (ages 4, 7, & 7 months)

“I like this program because it helps the kids to really get in tune with their body and to be more mindful of themselves and every aspect of how they live.” -Lisa McMullen, Homeschool Mother of Three (ages 7, 8, & 18)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the kids yoga/movement/mindfulness program. It has helped my children learn the benefits of mind-body fitness through yoga, stress-management skills, and nutritional information. It has helped guide me as a home-school mom to incorporate these important lessons in our daily lives.  ” -Naesha Moore, Homeschool Mother of Two (ages 4 & 7)

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