Active Play for Social Skills created by HomeSchool Moms for PreK – G2!

 Stories + Exercise + Self-Regulation = Focus + Fitness + Self-Control / Confidence

Indoor Exercise – Fun Study Break – Empowering Tools for Self-Management

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 “We love this program! We’ve been using it throughout the year as part of our curriculum and it does not get old.  There is always something new for the kids to work on and focus on. They feel very proud of themselves when they can hold a pose and use the tools.”  -Susan Tarasova, Homeschooling Mother of Three (ages 4, 7, & 7 months)


Use DVDs and Cards together just 3 days/week to:

  • Develop balance, coordination and readiness for literacy and numeracy
  • Improve focus, fitness and direction following
  • Cultivate self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Teach self-regulation and resilience

“I like this program because it helps the kids to really get in tune with their body and to be more mindful of themselves and every aspect of how they live.” – Lisa McMullen, Homeschooling Mother of Three (ages 7, 8, & 18)

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Each DVD includes:

  • Warm-up – specific to the Story
  • Introduction to the 2-4 Adventure Skills used in the Story
  • Movement Story – combining creative movement, Yoga, and Brain Gym®
  • Relaxation – Visualization that reinforces lessons from the stories
  • Adventure Skills and Yoga Pose review

Check these out:

From the first video story, Magic Scooter, played on my iPad, my children were glued – doing all your movements and learning the skills.   They love it and  want to do it every day!Laurie Badwey, Homeschool Mom of twins:





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