Early Childhood Educators and Program Coordinators!

Be a Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum Teacher or Trainer

  • Learn to meet standards in a more active, playful, whole child engaging way
  • Build well-being, self-regulation, and social-emotional intelligence in your students
  • Improve outcomes with stories, yoga, music, cooperative games, and Brain Gym adapted self-care
  • Enjoy greater health, harmony, attention, behavior, and learning in your classroom

“With so many academic demands now in kindergarten, the Movement & Mindfulness™ program
has made a big difference in kids’ development and abilities. The kids understand why, when, and
how to use the Adventure Skills to help themselves.” -Lori Czech, Teacher, MA


“My students love the triune brain map walk and the positive effect of the Adventure Skill exercises, which we use for Brain Breaks daily. Apparently, this mind-body stuff works.  My students earned the highest math and reading scores in the school.” -Kimberly Anderson, Teacher, MN

The Curriculum:

mindfulness curriculum

  • 30 Weekly Lesson Plans with over 200 movement & mindfulness building activities in these categories
  • 9 Yoga/Movement Story Video Classes
  • 16 Adventure Skill Flash Cards – health lessons & simple, effective self-care and regulation techniques
  • Adventure Skills Poster – show all 16 health & self-regulation techniques
  • 3 CDs of Music for Movement

Lesson Plans support all intelligences, fulfill standards, and profoundly engage children.  Activities  are easy to implement and  integrate movement & mindfulness to develop physical fitness, teach health and self-regulation skills, and empower children to manage their stress, understand their emotions, make thoughtful behavior choices, and be more resilient.

The Certification:

Attend a two day training in your area and learn to …

  • Implement the 30-week Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum with children PreK – G2
  • Effectively help children grow physical fit, emotional stable, and learning able
  • Support parents, teachers, and therapeutic professionals in nurturing children’s well-being & self-regulation
  • Integrate stories, yoga, music, creative movement, and Brain Gym® adapted self-care into progressive activities that fulfill standards and improve outcomes
  • Present the benefits of movement & mindfulness to parents, teachers, and therapeutic professionals
  • Provide staff training & professional development (when qualified Trainer)
  • Earn CEUs or professional development credits

Upcoming Trainings:

Los Angeles, CA December 5 & 6, 2015

Pittsburgh, PA February 20 & 21, 2016

Boston Area May 14 & 15, 2016

NYC  July 9 & 10, 2016 


For more information contact Leah Kalish, MA [email protected] – 818-667-3689

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