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Movement & Mindfulness 101

by Leah Kalish 9 Lessons $19.99

This 70 minute workshop helps you engage the whole child, integrate self-regulation practices, and support executive function!

  • Review of benefits of movement/yoga, play, and self-regulation
  • Understand the physiology that supports optimal development
  • Learn 3 mind-body games every classroom should know
  • Practice 4 self-regulation techniques every child should know
  • Have FUN turning lessons & books into movement stories that

Movement & Mindfulness 102

by Leah Kalish 5 Lessons $19.99

This 70 minute class supports you in becoming a more mindful/self-regulating and effective teacher/parent and offers more tools and activities for developing mindful/self-regulating kids.

  • Learn 5 new self-regulation techniques to add to your tool box
  • Understand the Law of Entrainment and why self-regulation is essential
  • Play 3 new mindfulness games
  • Review the benefits of cross-lateral movement
  • Explore how to “mirror” not manage to help kids build their own self-regulation

Movement & Mindfulness 103

by Leah Kalish 1 Lessons $19.99

This 90 minute workshop helps you integrate play, learning, and self-regulation tools to balance out stress and create a culture of mindfulness in your classroom/home.

  • Learn 4 more self-regulation techniques for embodied self-care
  • Understand the 5 rules for creating a mindful culture in your home/classroom
  • Review the Triune Brain Theory and the 3 "States of Mind"
  • Play 3 Brain Games that improve self-awareness and self-control
  • Learn how to support brain integration and stress management
  • Understand how to mediate the impact of technology
  • Use the power of nature to support mental health and self-regulation

Movement & Mindfulness 101-103

by Leah Kalish 3 Lessons $45.00

Leah Kalish, MA helps you understand why and how to engage the whole child in active play that develops mindfulness and to integrate self-regulation practices that develop executive function. Learn a variety of new games and tools that will help you and your students/children balance out stress and create a culture of mindfulness in your classroom/home.

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