Movement & Mindfulness 101-103

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Movement & Mindfulness 101

  • Get the research
  • Understand the physiology
  • Learn 3 games every classroom should play
  • Practice 4 self-regulation techniques every child should know
  • Have FUN turning lessons & books into movement stories that support engagement & executive function
Movement & Mindfulness 102  
Learn about:
  • Entrainment and the BE – DO – Have law of energy
  • How to really slow down and support your own self-regulation with meditation
  • 5 new Adventure Skill techniques and when to use them
  • The benefits of cross-lateral movement and how to use it to energize and focus
  •  3 new mindfulness games
  • How to empower children to self-regulate through “mirroring” not managing

Movement & Mindfulness 103 

  • Final 4 Adventure Skills
  • Integrating self-care/regulation into daily life
  • Triune Brain Theory and 3 “states of mind”
  • Brain integration and managing stress
  • Impact of technology on brain
  • Power of Nature on self-regulation


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