Professional Development

Teachers and staff learn how to integrate more playful yoga, mindful movement, self-reflection, and self-regulation into the daily schedule through the optimal use of the Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum or the Scooter & Me video classes and flash cards for active play and social-emotional learning.

To find a trainer in your area, visit the “Find a Trainer” page.

For online support or questions/requests, contact: Leah Kalish at 818-667-3689 or leah @


  • Effectively Implement movement and mindfulness activities to enhance well-being and fulfill standards
  • Understand how movements & mind-body exercises support fitness, focus and whole brain/whole child learning
  • Use self-care techniques throughout the day to reduce stress & improve emotional stability
  • Use self-regulation techniques to support better self-control and ease of learning
  • Use Storybooks to create movement sessions that support early literacy and learning readiness

Train Your School

  • Children need movement to learn mindfulness.
  • Children need motor skills to develop self-regulation skills.
  • Children need to practice reflection and self-care to cultivate executive function, emotional intelligence, and social competence.

With the movement & mindfulness resources, teachers can easily and affordably integrate more yoga, playful movement, reflection, and self-care into their current programs to enhance well-being, emotional stability, and learning readiness.

“Leah Kalish is a teacher I will always remember.  She is a wise old sage with the energy of a child.  I completed the workshop with tears of gratitude in my eyes.  In less than two weeks, I have incorporated so many of her lessons, techniques, songs and games into my classrooms.”
-Sarah Bennett, 1st Grade Teacher

From Leah I learned to see the opportunities to teach, not the negatives in children’s behavior. I also learned to center myself first before entering a room of children so that I can be fully present for them. I came out of the training inspired and grateful to have had the honor to learn from a true master. Leah is a genuine, giving, talented, brilliant teacher who cares deeply about the welfare of all children. -Jen Lanciault, ES Teacher

We had such an amazing time during the movement & mindfulness workshop! As soon as I got home last night I began utilizing my new “adventure” skills, and THEY WORK WITH MY ENTIRE FAMILY!   After we practiced it a few times, we all saw and felt a huge difference.  Thank you for helping my staff and family taking a bigger and better step towards a healthier lifestyle.  – Vickie Avila , Stanislaus County Head Start Association

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