Parent Engagement

Want to share the joys of play and the benefits of self-regulation techniques with your parent community?
Wish what you were doing in the classroom could be reinforced at home?

Organize a Parent Workshop
Engaging parents is so important.  We encourage schedule time to show parents how to:

  • Implement daily “special time” for play that is bonding and behavior enhancing
  • Use the Adventure Skill Flash Cards at home  to de-stress, re-group and re-direct impulses
  • Transform storybooks into movement adventures

Organize a Movement & Mindfulness Playtime for the Whole Family
Let a certified Teacher show the whole family new ways to enjoy more active play and integrate more mindfulness with each other.   Activities include Games, Yoga, Partner Yoga, Adventure Skills and a Movement Story.  We wrap up with a nurturing relaxation and visualization, followed by a few minutes for questions.

Parents pay a fee to attend, determined by the Trainer, and leave with a 20% coupon for a DVD or video download.

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