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Current research validates what teachers already know – the best way to learn is through experience, especially in early childhood! Our video class  DVDs, created by expert movement educators, offer an embodied, narrative driven movement classes that strengthen the body, light up the brain, engage emotional intelligence, teach specific self-regulation techniques, and nurture creativity.

Move with Me programs are uniquely fun and empowering because they combine stories with creative movement, yoga and Brain Gym® inspired self-care techniques.   As children act out the story through movement, they stay totally engaged – sustaining focus and movement which builds coordination and stamina, developing early literacy and direction following, and learning a set of self-regulation exercises called Adventure Skills – which are imbedded into the action and used by the characters to manage emotions and overcome obstacles.

Participation lays a foundation for lifelong love of exercise while enhancing well-being, memory,  social-emotional learning and behavior.  Children also develop listening and early literacy skills, while improving fitness, focus, and motor skills.

We develop our resources working with children; then we test them with other teachers. All video classes and materials are designed for classrooms, providing whole child activities that fulfill standards:

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  • Head Start Early Learning Framework
  • Common Core Kindergarten Standards


Try our affordable, easy-to-implement PE and SEL enrichment materials (video classes, self-care flash cards, 30-week curriculum) that can help you:

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  • Provide 90 – 120 min of supervised active play daily
  • Involve children in aerobic & intentional movement
  • Engage children in embodied social-emotional learning
  • Nurture children’s self-regulation and self-control
  • Improve children’s fitness, focus and behavior
  • Develop children’s coordination, confidence and joy


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