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Self-regulation is just as essential for healthy social-emotional development as it is for academic success.   Research shows that children with high levels of self-regulation do better on tests when compared to children with low levels of self-regulation. Some researchers even see the inability to self-regulate as the root cause of the economic achievement gap.

If your students struggle with attention, learning and impulse control issues, we recommend to press the reset button on the stress response with lots of play/exercise activities and self-regulation/mindfulness techniques. 

Daily, regular participation in movement and mindfulness exercises reinforces one’s ability to sustain an optimal state and more easily manage stress. Help your school move out of the fight or flight survival mode and into a more optimal physiological state for collaborating and learning while fulfilling standards. 

Check out our Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum.  Teach children about how the brain works and how to work with their brains them about the brain and how to work with it so they can always do their best. 

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