Professional Endorsements

Professional Endorsements from Doctors, Educators, Consultants, Administrators, Health Professionals:

“These resources are terrific tools that I recommend to all the parents, teachers and pre-school directors with whom I work.  The movement stories engage kids in fun active play that literally builds the brain while also developing fitness and social-emotional skills.”Robin Harwell, Build the Brain Educational Consultant

“This program is a terrific and affordable resource that supports all our initiatives – from health and fitness, to parent involvement, to early literacy and social-emotional learning.”  –Patricia Loera, Director First 5, Glenn County, CA

“The brain grows and develops through movement, allowing us to optimize learning, memory, and creativity.  MwM Me Yoga Adventures provide fun, easy and profound ways to optimally develop brain function. The whole family will benefit from this series.”Dr. Carla Hannaford Ph.D. Biologist and Author of Smart Moves, Why Learning is Not All In Your Head , Hawaii

“The teachers and I are so excited about the results we are seeing using this curriculum.  Students are excited, attentive, and cooperative.  They are already initiating use of the Adventure skills in the classroom.” -Susan Guertin, OTRL, Occupational Therapist

“The Movement & Mindfulness Program is working really well for us. We build the video classes into our weekly curriculum schedule and find them beneficial for the children’s motor skills, focus, attention, awareness and self-control. Kids enjoy the story-based active play in small groups and teachers reinforce use of the self-regulation techniques as needed.” -Vicki Martinez, Child Dev. Center, Marine Corp Community Services, SC

“Movement is so important for so many reasons– both physical and mental. As a teacher at a title one school, we use the MwM Yoga Adventures tools to help children develop academically, socially, physically and mentally.  Our class loves it and it works so well in a small classroom setting!”Cecilia Bell, Boulder Bluff Elementary, Goose Creek, SC

“The Movement & Mindfulness Program is a terrific enhancement to our curriculum by truly supporting all developmental tasks and standards. We use them for PE and motor skills, early literacy and creative thinking, direction following and concentration as well as social-emotional learning and impulse control. Teachers are also using the “Adventure Skills” throughout the day. Now, kids are not just controlling their impulses, they are learning how to redirect their thoughts and choices in a positive way, which really shifts and empowers them.”Mike Russo, Early Childhood Center Director, Davis-Munson Air Force Base

MwM Yoga Adventures has a great program with videos that integrate stories, movement, and self-regulation skills, and flash cards that reinforce those skills.  They are easy to follow and fun to teach.  Sensory motor learning is promoted throughout.  I highly recommend! Shoshana Shamberg OTR/L, MS, FAOTA

I shared the yoga adventure videos/cards with my grandson (4 , now 5 years).  We absolutely love them.  They help with listening, balance, awareness of his little body, and it is just a fun way to get him up and moving!  We are also sharing these resources with the families in our community to encourage the physical activity & self-regulation needed for healthy bodies and minds!  I highly recommend they be used in centers, child care homes, with Family Friend and Neighbor care, as well as with your own children! – Sherri Valdez, Director, ECC San Luis Valley

We are very excited about our Movement & Mindfulness classes!  Incorporating mindfulness into our work with both children and parents is the perfect complement to our existing activities.  Giving children the skills to be able to focus and self-regulate is so crucial to their school readiness, and something very simple and tangible that parents can practice with them. – Alexina Rojas, M.A. Director, West County First 5 Center

MwM Yoga Adventures has been a huge inspiration. Because early intervention is key to changing lives, their program makes so much sense.  In addition to the benefits of physical activity and eating healthily, it teaches kids to take care of their emotional health so they can self-regulate . The visual accompaniments to the program are great, too!  I often use them. – Vanessa Kahlon, MA, Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum

“We had such an amazing time during your workshop and we are thankful for such a filling you provided us. 
As soon as I got home last night I began utilizing my new skills, and Leah, IT DOES WORK WITH MY ENTIRE FAMILY! I have a 12 & 10 year old girls, 6 & 2 year old boys, as well as my husband and I. I showed them what you taught me and after we practiced it a few times they all saw and felt a huge difference. Thank you, thank you Leah for helping my family taking a bigger and better step towards a healthier lifestyle. “ -Vickie Avila, Stanislaus County Head Start Association

“I love how the movement engages children and allows them to tell the story along with the storyteller. They are not only stretching and strengthening their bodies, but their minds, as well. By using the poses, movements, and self-care skills to act out the story, young children are reinforcing their narrative and self-regulation skills, which are important to early literacy!” Tanya DiMaggio, Children’s Services, St. Tammany Parish Library

“This is a truly original program containing imaginative and clever movement routines and self-care techniques that are both healthy and really entertaining for kids’ bodies and minds!  It will bring your kids back for more and help them develop healthy lifestyle behaviors for now and for the years to come.” Dr. Donna G. Hughes, Child Psychologist

“Movement – Imagination – Balance – Drama…. now, that’s the recipe for health and wellness that every parent wants. I can’t think of a better way to use technology, than by sharing the fun and joy of going on an adventure together right in their own front room. Bravo to all of you. I can’t wait to bring this series to the attention of all of my patients.”Dr. Carol Phillips, Chiropractor; Pediatric Specialist; Author of Hands of Love: Seven Steps to the Miracle of Birth; Founder of Dynamic Body Balancing, Annapolis, MD

My group loved the movement & mindfulness program! They were all engaged the whole time. They used their self -control and were focused throughout.  After, they all did a wonderful job with their writing assignment. Their bodies were in control and they were focused. – Jill Sheldon, K-G 1 teacher

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