MwM Yoga Adventures active play for social-emotional learning is about young children at home and at school growing physically fit, emotionally stable, and learning able by enjoying  fun active play & exercise instruction that combines stories with yoga, creative movement, and Brain Gym (R) adapted self-care / self-regulate techniques.

We focus our resources for early childhood because preschool  is a key time in which to instill healthy physical activity habits and self-regulation skills that will last a lifetime and because preschoolers who are overweight or obese are 5 times more likely than their peers to stay that way.

We are also about making it affordable and accessible for YOU to start NOW to:

  • Help end childhood obesity
  • Close the income base achievement gap
  • Improve children’s fitness, focus and behavior
  • Develop children’s coordination, confidence and joy

Our video class DVDs and curriculum are as fun for and effective with kids as the in-person classes they evolved from, because they:

  • Are Story-driven – kids get to act out and “be” everything in the story as they follow-along
  • Include both aerobic and intentional movement – combining creative movement, yoga and Brain Gym based exercises
  • Teach basic health lessons and a set of self-regulation techniques called Adventure Skills – which are imbedded into the action and used by the characters to manage emotions and overcome obstacles
  • Align with Early Childhood Education Standards

Our commitment is to resources for care-givers and teachers that support them in providing for the optimal health and development of children!

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