Movement and Mindfulness
Resources & Training
for Early Learning


“Apparently, this self regulation stuff works. My students earned the highest math and reading scores in the school after we started using your resources.”

Kimberly Anderson Teacher, MN

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Empowering you to help children be
Physically Fit, Emotionally Stable AND Learning Able!

You can be the change you want to see without burning out.
You can support sensory integration regardless of schedule.
You can prioritize self-care & self-regulation while addressing standards.
You can model & enhance social-emotional learning throughout the day.
You can include more active play so children feel better and do better.

What happened when this Mom introduced MwMYA to her 5 year old son?

Marcia Washington, pediatric OT & Mom of 3, explains how the story-driven movement component of the Movement & Mindfulness Bundle got her special needs son ready to start kindergarten when nothing else she’d been doing with him had.
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Movement and Mindfulness Bundle

9 Yoga/Movement Story DVDs +
16 Self-Regulation Flashcards!

The most fun and effective way for kids to embody social-emotional learning! Each 25-30 min video allows children to practice different self- regulation skills aka: Adventure Skills.

A trip to the zoo teaches “Monkey Wisdom”, to improve focus and memory. A visit to the moon teaches “Humming Breath”, to calm, control impulses and make a better choice.

All 16 skills used in the videos are reinforced on the flash cards.

Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum

Learn & implement the 30-week Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum with ease and confidence.

The Curriculum introduces you to:

  • How all the components work together
  • How lessons are informed by educational principles and research
  • How to do & use the self-regulation skills and brain-based practices

Self Regulation Flashcards

aka: Adventure Skill Cards
These sturdy 5.5” x 8.5” cards, with colorful images on front and easy-to-follow directions on back, offer child-friendly activities that support well-being and enhance social-emotional learning.

  • Integrate mind & body
  • Soothe & balance the nervous system
  • Support well-being & good behavior
  • Enhance social-emotional learning and resilience

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