Why Self-Regulation via Movement & Mindfulness?

Playful movement based self-regulation is the missing link in early childhood education. Our video programs and curriculum integrate story, creative movement, yoga, and self-regulation such that children embody social-emotional skills and enjoy the daily exercise they need to maintain a healthy weight and enhance cognitive skills. Movement builds the brain and body, improving self-awareness, self-regulation, learning, memory, behavior, and health. Mindfulness builds self-regulation, which is the ability to monitor and manage energy states, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that are acceptable and produce positive results such as well-being, loving relationships, and executive function.

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Self-Regulation Resources

Kids Yoga DVDs and Digital Downloads

Kids Yoga DVDs and Digital Downloads

Award-winning  video classes, in DVD and Mp4 format, for ages 3 - 7, help kids improve coordination and self-control, develop confidence, maintain a healthy weight, and accelerate learning!
Self Regulation Courses

E-Courses with Leah Kalish, MA

Movement & Mindfulness 101-103 - Everyday Skills for Healthier, More Successful Kids & Classrooms Research summary; Physiology explained; Games; Self-regulation techniques; Turn books & lessons into movement stories that support engagement & executive function! A Professional Development In-Service online!
Movement Mindfulness Curriculum

Movement and Mindfulness Curriculum

A comprehensive 30-week program organized in thematic weekly lesson plans that fulfill curriculum standards AND involve parents! Help children thrive through better PE and SEL at school, day-care, family support center, and home-school.
self regulation flash cards

Self-Regulation Flash Cards

Help children manage stress, re-direct impulses, improve focus, and enhance learning and emotional resilience.
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