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Apparently, this mind-body stuff works.  My students earned the highest math and reading scores in the school after we started using your resources.

Kimberly Anderson

Teacher, MN

Curriculum Resources

“This program is powerful. Everything is so well organized and ready to use that any teacher can use it and be successful!” -Rochelleah Davis, G1 Teacher, NYC

Train Your Staff

“Our teachers benefited immensely from the training and are already reporting that the Adventure Skills are making a positive impact on our classroom dynamics. “-Sophia M. Talbot, R.D Head Start, CA

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“Thank you for such great information, resources, and organization!   I am excited to share with my team and so appreciate all you are doing to change education for the better.” -Elizabeth Studebaker, Teacher/Consultant, OH

Get Certified!

“I’m leaving this wonderful certification experience re-energized, inspired, and fully equipped to make more mindful, playful, creative, embodied education happen  for kids and teachers!” – April Cantor, SoulShine Life – Yoga for Kids and Families, Brooklyn, NY

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Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum

30 Weekly Lesson Plans include over 200 activities
9 Yoga/Movement Story Video Classes
16 Adventure Skill Flash Cards
Adventure Skills Poster
3 CDs of Music for Movement