Movement and Mindfulness
Resources & Training for Early Learning

“Apparently, this mind-body stuff works.  My students earned the highest math and reading scores in the school after we started using your resources.” – Kimberly Anderson Teacher, MN

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Keep Fighting for More Play!

The Damage Being Done by the Focus on Early Academic Instruction For all of you still having to “fight” for more active play/yoga/mindfulness/nature time with early learners, check out this must-read-and-share article in the Washington Post:  The decline of play in... read more

What is Self-Regulation?

The simple definition of self-regulation is: to govern oneself without outside assistance or influence. What’s not simple, however, is defining what it is to govern oneself and learning how to do it well. Self-governance/regulation happens both sub-consciously and... read more

Time to Upgrade Your Movement & Mindfulness

The SPARK Foundation, along with many other non-profits, such as Let’s Move! Active Schools, are all dedicated to creating, implementing, and evaluating research-based programs that promote lifelong wellness. The resources and research on their sites are both... read more

Self Regulation Resources for Home & Classroom

Mindfulness and Yoga Lesson Plans

A Breathing Exercise for Impulse Control

Impulse control refers to the ability to think before acting and to forgo an immediate desire to wait for a later reward. For children, impulse control means developing social skills such as managing to wait politely for food to be prepared; learning to take turns and... read more

Good Health Starts with Self-Regulation

Recently, my teacher sent me this article by Gabor Maté: How to Build a Culture of Good Health.  Read it!  It beautifully explains the holistic, relational, developmental nature of health that I think we’ve all experienced at some level but never had words for:... read more

Executive Function – Better Behavior and More Learning

According to CA Head Start: Higher order thinking skills are crucial to a child’s success in school, and they are a challenge to support in the preschool classroom. Why? Because brain executive function mode requires physical well-being, emotional safety and embodied... read more